Happy Summer Break!

It's official I am on Summer nation with my kiddies till August 19th! We have so much fun stuff planned from dollar movies to vacations with friends. I can not wait to sleep in (7am, is sleeping in, right?), hang by the pool, celebrate a ton of birthdays and just enjoy my time with my little family. 
I've been loading up on little Summer activities for the kids throughout the past couple of months. If I saw a craft on sale I bought it, a fun float or outdoor activity it was coming home with me. I want to make sure the kids aren't sitting around watching tv or bored while I am home with them. We are going to really enjoy this Summer. 

Ace will be starting Summer camp Monday so I am really excited for that. He gets to go on field trips and the water park. He is such a big kid, I can't even handle it. The girls will go a couple weeks to their new preschool but only for 2 days a week starting out. This will be crazy for me because those two days if Ace is in camp I will have those days to myself! I can't even remember the last time I had two days during the week at home to myself. Oddly I am just excited to be able to get things organized without having to make sure my kids aren't killing each other or getting into something, ha! 
Oh Summer, how I love you! With that said I am going to miss my job but the little break just means it will be there in August for me. I am actually really excited to go back and start my second year as an Advisor. I have learned a lot, made some mistakes, challenged myself and I feel like next year is going to be a lot smoother. Not to say this year wasn't because I had an awesome support system in guidance to help me along but there was a couple times where certain things needed to be done sooner to get to more students or I realized from other Advisors there may have been a better way to do something. Just an incredible learning process. 
I will hopefully be blogging a lot more now that I have more time on my hands. I really want to do some posts about what the kids are up to and some of our past and upcoming trips. 
With all of that said I hope everyone enjoys their Summer! 



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