Purging the Junk

The past week I have been really trying to clean our house out of products that aren't so great for us. I follow Casey Wiegand's blog and she wrote about an app called Think Dirty. Now don't get the wrong idea, this app is actually a really helpful tool for anyone wanting to go a more natural route for their family. You can use the bar code scanner and scan products around your house to see how toxic they are. It gives you a scale from 0-10, 10 being the worst for you and when you see something ranked at a 10 in your house it's a bit scary. I went through our bathroom items to start and got rid of a lot. Mostly my stuff. 
We had a mix of really low ranked products and really high in the kids. Their bath wash was the worst. Anything ranked higher than a 5 I put in a bag and am getting rid of it. A lot of the reasons some of the stuff ranked so high was fragrance so maybe for some that isn't a big deal but our kids all have very sensitive skin, especially Ashlyn so it was good to just get rid of it. I had noticed how sensitive she was when her cheeks got super swollen from sunscreen. At first I thought maybe she got sunburnt but she literally layers it on herself after I put it on her so I knew there was no way. She also has always had eczema. Everly gets little bumps on her legs and Ace is just so fair that his skin gets red easily. 
Most of our cleaning products are natural so that part isn't an issue. We get Melaleuca products from Branden's Mom so that made it easy to not worry about cleaning items. 
Now I am on a journey to get some really great, natural products for our family. I already have ordered some from Amazon and went to Whole Foods yesterday to replace the products I got rid of. I ended up sticking with Honest company for the kids bath items. They ranked 1 on the app. Can't go wrong there. I will post the other items I ended up getting later on once I have used them. I know Honest company is good since I used their products in the past so we shall see how the rest goes. 
Another part of me wanting to go this route is I have anxiety. It's not consistently horrible and I know how to control it to an extent but life happens and sometimes it just gets to be too much. When that happens I usually just need to chill out for a bit and relax. Some natural ways to help is exercise, eating well and taking a warm bath. I also have heard essential oils are a huge help so I really want to try that. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to let me know! 


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