Life Lately

Life has been so busy lately. Really when is it not, though? Since moving into our new house we have been non-stop. We moved in on a Friday night. Branden and our friend Michael worked their butts off Friday night and all day Saturday. To say I am incredibly grateful for these guys is an understatement. Watching how hard they worked for those two days was incredible. It actually broke my heart that Branden didn't have more help because he is that guy that will do anything to help anyone and expect nothing in return and to see only one person help him made me sad. Branden didn't seem to care but it definitely bothered me a lot. I know people have their lives and I can't expect it but I think because of who he is as a person it really upset me. Makes me respect him and our friend Michael even more. Those good old midwest boys!
As far as the new house I am completely in love with it. We have this beautiful front yard on a cul de sac and I just picture many nights sitting outside watching the kids play. I have already been taking full advantage of our little front "porch" late in the afternoon while the girls color with chalk on the walk way. It is just so relaxing and quiet.
And did I mention we have a fireplace? Not your typical South Florida house at all. I can't wait to decorate it for the holidays.
What is everyone's plans for Thanksgiving? We are going to spend it in our new house this year. Typically we go to my aunts house but this year she is going on a cruise, which is so awesome, so we are excited to hang at our new house this year. I am going to bring the kids to the movies in the morning like my parents used to do with us then we will eat here around 4. Later that night or the next day my best friend is coming down so I am literally counting down the days. I have been dying for her to be here since we moved. Every life event we are right there for each other so it doesn't quite seem complete till I can see her. Then we will get on to decorating. 
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Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! 


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