Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Week of Tragedy for Orlando

I am sure by now everyone has heard of the horrific tragedies coming out of Orlando. From the Christina Grimmie shooting, Pulse terrorist attack and now the 2-year-old who was pulled into the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. My heart hurts so much for these families that have lost their loved ones. I can not even imagine the magnitude of their pain. To know your loved one died in such a horrible way must add more salt to the wound. 

So much of the Pulse and 2-year-old deaths have hit way too close to home. Having two 2-year-olds I just think what if that were one of my children, what if I had to witness that? I was talking to Branden about it while holding Everly and I just wanted to hold her and cry. I want to tell that mother and father to not blame themselves because I am sure that is exactly what they are doing right now. I am sure they are filled with what ifs and what could I have done to prevent this. The truth is we all do simple things that we don't realize have a larger impact until they happen. 

The Pulse shooting just terrifies me in general. After I heard about this I just kept thinking about my students who are going up to Orlando for college and wondering were any of them in there? Had they left yet for school? I was so sick over it. I still am. I went to the movies last night and had so much anxiety over something happening. It sucks living with that fear because of the terrorist who now sit and wait to hurt our people. Who hate us so much they are willing to sacrifice their own lives to get rid of as many of us as they can. 

I don't want this post to be all about how horrific this world is becoming because I truly believe there is a lot of good as well. I see my children's beautiful faces and it makes life seem perfect. There are people out there supporting the LGBTQ community and our country. The amount of people who were waiting hours to donate blood was amazing. So hold your loved ones tighter, be kind to those around you and remember what is important in this life. 


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Happy Summer Break!

It's official I am on Summer nation with my kiddies till August 19th! We have so much fun stuff planned from dollar movies to vacations with friends. I can not wait to sleep in (7am, is sleeping in, right?), hang by the pool, celebrate a ton of birthdays and just enjoy my time with my little family. 
I've been loading up on little Summer activities for the kids throughout the past couple of months. If I saw a craft on sale I bought it, a fun float or outdoor activity it was coming home with me. I want to make sure the kids aren't sitting around watching tv or bored while I am home with them. We are going to really enjoy this Summer. 

Ace will be starting Summer camp Monday so I am really excited for that. He gets to go on field trips and the water park. He is such a big kid, I can't even handle it. The girls will go a couple weeks to their new preschool but only for 2 days a week starting out. This will be crazy for me because those two days if Ace is in camp I will have those days to myself! I can't even remember the last time I had two days during the week at home to myself. Oddly I am just excited to be able to get things organized without having to make sure my kids aren't killing each other or getting into something, ha! 
Oh Summer, how I love you! With that said I am going to miss my job but the little break just means it will be there in August for me. I am actually really excited to go back and start my second year as an Advisor. I have learned a lot, made some mistakes, challenged myself and I feel like next year is going to be a lot smoother. Not to say this year wasn't because I had an awesome support system in guidance to help me along but there was a couple times where certain things needed to be done sooner to get to more students or I realized from other Advisors there may have been a better way to do something. Just an incredible learning process. 
I will hopefully be blogging a lot more now that I have more time on my hands. I really want to do some posts about what the kids are up to and some of our past and upcoming trips. 
With all of that said I hope everyone enjoys their Summer! 


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dreaming of Summer Vacation

We are in the final countdown to Summer break! I have been pinning Summer ideas like a mad woman. I am dead set on not having a boring Summer. I want to make the best of it because I know it is going to fly by and then it will be back to work and Ace will start Kindergarten. 
 Wow, starting Kindergarten! I can't even believe it. So cliche but it's true. He has really matured a lot the past couple of months. He does so much on his own and helps us out with the girls or cleaning. He is a really good little boy. I feel very fortunate that he is so helpful and sweet. He is still quite the wild guy at times but overall he is a rule follower and listens really well. I was worried about him being one of the youngest when he starts school but his teachers have assured us he will do great because of these qualities. He also catches on to things quickly so another bonus! 

With Kindergarten right around the corner I really want to soak up this time with my kids. I feel like time is just going to go by so fast. I just want my kids to remember Summer as days full of playing in the pool, eating popsicles, movie days and late nights with friends. I have the best memories of Summer and I hope I can give that to my kids as well because it truly does go by in a blink of an eye.