Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Everly's Birth Story

Our baby girl is here! It was quite an interesting birth to say the least…
Pictures are going to be random throughout.

Friday, March 21, my cousin's took Ace and Ashlyn to the Keys for the week for Spring Break since I was scheduled to be induced on Monday if Everly didn't come before then. 
 photo photo1copy2_zpsb3594fd7.jpg photo photo5copy_zpsf567c501.jpg
Branden and I decided to go to a movie later that day and just relax at home after. Everyone said that the second I relaxed she would come. They were totally right! 
 photo photo1copy3_zpsb695b054.jpg photo photo3_zps8d389b89.jpg
I slept in on Saturday, the 22nd till 11AM. I woke up feeling cramp and had a feeling it might have been contractions. I took a bath and still felt cramps. I got out and did my make up and timed them. They were coming 2.5 minutes apart! I told Branden we had to go to the hospital and we got there around 12:45. 
 photo photo1copy_zps09933459.jpg
Once I was there they had to monitor me for an hour to make sure I was in active labor. I was about 4 CM dilated and my contractions were coming about the same amount apart but weren't horrible, painful but tolerable. 
 photo photo4copy_zpsefa43df4.jpg
Hot little mess
After awhile they started getting longer and stronger and closer together. I was slightly freaking out since they were still monitoring me and didn't seem like they were in any rush to admit me. Finally after over an hour and me screaming in pain they brought me to a room. 
 photo photo4_zps9b7dc2a9.jpg
At this point I was freaking out because I wanted an epidural bad! They checked me and I was 6 cm. I got something for pain since they had to wait an HOUR for the IV fluids to go through me. I may have had a meltdown when she said that. The medication helped me stop tensing up and I was able to actually breath through the contractions. 
 photo photo2_zpsc68c974d.jpg
My doula, Carolina, got there and within 5 minutes of her being there I felt something weird and then had the urge to push! I started crying and freaking out knowing that I was probably not getting an epidural. I begged for the epidural and the nurse said let me check you and I was 8cm! At that point I got hysterical. I was so scared of Everly would come out not breathing like Ace. 
 photo photo5_zpsa44783cf.jpg
Those lips! 
My doctor wasn't there yet since I progressed so quickly once I was admitted and a random doctor was in the hall and asked if they needed her. She came in and was so sweet. She saw I was freaking out and  just said "Ok,Brenna, what are you so scared of?" I told her about Ace not breathing and she said ok and helped me through. Carolina was amazing too. She kept telling me not to fight it and whenever she said that I was able to kind of breath and calm down.
After a few minutes though I had to keep pushing and I was screaming the entire time. I actually had a sore throat from it all. After 15 minutes of pushing Everly was born at 3:30PM. 
 photo DSCN2952_zps33529ef8.jpg
First time seeing Everly
My doctor got there right in time to deliver the placenta. 
 photo DSCN2960_zps85de924a.jpg
Everly's first bath
All I have to say is while it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced, it was incredible because of the people who helped me through it. It was so different from Ace's birth that was so traumatizing and the nurses and doctor were awful. This time they were so kind and understanding.
 photo DSCN2970_zps675a9218.jpg

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ashlyn Eats! Beech-Nut Review

We were given this product to try for a review, this is a sponsored post by Beech-Nut and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
Ashlyn has started eating baby food and it is so cute to watch her.
She always starts out so skeptical. She just looks really unsure on what we are about to put in her mouth.
 photo DSCN3007_zpsb3aac704.jpg
Then she realizes it is something she hasn't had before and seems to warm up to the idea. 
 photo DSCN3008_zpsf5d74940.jpg
After a bit she is all about it and wants more! 
 photo DSCN3012_zps8543e6a7.jpg
This girl loves to eat. She even tries to shove the spoon in her mouth. 
 photo DSCN3027_zps666c85a8.jpg
The first few times you start feeding your baby is always so cute. Just watching them experience something new is great.
 photo DSCN3014_zps567e9f8f.jpg
We were fortunate to get to try Beech Nut's baby food! They have no artificial ingredients or preservatives. 
 photo DSCN3003_zpsa45ffde4.jpg
Ashlyn first tried Beech-Nut's Just Honey Crisp Apple and couldn't get enough! This girl chowed down! 
Ace even wanted to try it. He loved it too. It was a win/win for both of my little ones. 
I can't wait for her to try more of the flavors they sent us. We used Beech-Nut with Ace and loved it so we are very excited about their newest flavors!! 
Here are some of my favorite items to help make first feedings easier.

 photo DSCN3002_zpsd5442f11.jpg
1.Tommee Tippee Easi Roll Bib: I like these bibs because the cup stays open, I tried the cheaper ones where it has a cup to catch food but it doesn't stay open so it doesn't help with the mess. These also last forever! My son is almost 3 and still uses his. 
2.Munchkin 6 Pack Soft-Tip Infant Spoon 
3.Munchkin 5 Pack Multi Bowl  
4.Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair: With years of nannying this was the best seat I ever saw. I love that it reclines for when you have an infant and turns into a booster for your toddler. It can literally be used for years. My son still sits in his. It is the best. High chairs are bulky and take up a lot of room so this is a great option for those who don't want to deal with the bulk of a high chair or spend money on multiple chairs through out your child's time in them. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ashlyn at 5 Months! *A little late*

Miss Ashlyn,
Today you are 5 months old.
 photo 1969306_10102606023155551_729731515_n_zps9a0a22d7.jpg
You have been doing so much lately. You are siting up for a few seconds sometimes minutes. You are so strong.
 photo DSCN2872_zps246878ad.jpg photo DSCN2874_zpsd9d5910c.jpg
You had your first taste of purees, bananas. You loved it. 
You now have TWO teeth! They cut through the week of my birthday. You are so cute. 
 photo 10003496_10102634564653161_864629518_n_zps719be19a.jpg
You also are now sleeping in your crib through the night. You are such a great little baby. The first night in you slept till 6am and after that till your normal 8am. 
Another cute thing is you found your feet. This just happened and you have had a huge obsession with your hands so I am wondering if you will be as obsessed with your feet. 
Your favorites right now are your Jumperoo, Sophie Giraffe and baby doll.
Clothing wise you are now in 9 months! BIG GIRL! 
 photo 1901663_10102629475906051_1113692294_n_zps89cb795d.jpg
People always think you are older than you are. They also comment on what a good baby you are. You are seriously so chill and easy going. Your brother was easy going too so we definitely have been really fortunate with you two. 
Your eyes are changing color. They were a light gray blue and are now a greenish color. Not sure if they will stay like that or turn brown. 
Wearing: 9 month clothes
Diaper: Size 3
Blowing bubbles/ raspberries 


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