Halloween Guest Post!

We love Halloween at our house!  Aside from Christmas, I'd say it's our favorite holiday.  The atmosphere is fun and exciting, the decorations are spooky and cool, and the air is crisp and cool.  And unlike a lot of things in life, Halloween has only gotten better since having our kids!

I've always been indecisive.  This sure makes settling on a Halloween costume hard with so many great ideas to choose from!  For some reason, I ended up choosing some very interesting costumes, too- from a bar of soap to a nun.  But, of all of my costumes, the one I'll never live down is "Fat Jasmine".  I chose to be Jasmine, imagining her in her cute flowy pants and skimpy top.  However, living in Minnesota, Halloween was never warm and my mom mademe wear a coat underneath!  Oh boy.  Gotta love the pink rubber boots and the tired looking Barney next to me...

Fast forward about 18 years.  Now, I not only get to decide what I want to dress as, but I get to decide what to dress the kids in, too (sometimes I get to basically choose Ryan's costume, as well)!  My son, Brennan, is 2.5 years old, so this year I gave him choices.  He settled on being Marty, the zebra from Madagascar.  So we ran with that idea!  Our 6 month old  (7 months exactly on Halloween) daughter, Bryleigh, is going as Alex, the lion!  I even got some cute plush hats for Ryan and I.  He will be going as Melman, the giraffe, and I have to be the odd one out with my tiger hat.  There is no Tiger on Madagascar, but finding a plush hippo hat in order to be Gloria is much harder than one might think.  So... I'm a tiger.  Come to think of it, I should have looked for a penguin hat!  Anyway, we think the combination should make for some cute photos, at the very least!   I'd love to share some pictures of how adorable my little ones look in their costumes, but I'm a firm believer in waiting until Halloween to show off those costumes!  Stop by my blog on the 31st for some shots!

Trick or Treating was great last year for our little cowboy, but will be even be better this year!  This year people will be able to understand Brennan's plea for candy and thank you, he's physically capable of eating more types of candy, and we get to bring little sister along in the stroller, too!  I don't need to walk the neighborhood, pregnant in my too tight costume!  I KNOW Brennan remembers how to trick or treat.  Just a couple days ago he found his treat bag.  He carried it over to Daddy and sweetly asked him, "Can I have a piece of candy in my bag?"  Yeah.  He's gonna have fun!

Halloween is great for something else- carving pumpkins!  We've had some pretty awesome pumpkins over the years, if I do say so myself.  Check out these ones!

Do I have pumpkin plans for this year? Well, Bryleigh has never had her face carved yet.  Maybe I will carve her and myself and Ryan will carve Brennan and himself!  We'll be a whole pumpkin family!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Halloween!

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