Keep on Rollin'

If you follow me on instagram then you probably saw this picture of Ace.

The poor boy totally rolled into our lake.

We were outside playing tag and after we were done I sat down and was showing him the ducks in the backyard. He got up and went to walk closer to the lake and I said "don't get any closer" so he stopped and when he did he fell forward and did a little summersault into the lake. I grabbed him then I slid in. Poor guy went under for a second and it wasn't deep or rocky so he was fine but he was soaked, head to toe.

Goes to show it really does take a second.

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  1. Poor little guy! What is it about blue/green plaid on the little boys that makes me swoon?! Thanks for linking up today, commenting and following from

  2. Yikes! I'll bet that scared him, though all it did was wet him down a little. How great that you have a lake and ducks nearby for him to enjoy. My little girl loves animals, but we don't really have any besides dogs close by. City living is a win-some lose-some battle, I suppose. Have a great week, Brenna.


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