Hospital Stay Number 4

Happy Monday! If you aren't following me on Facebook or Instagram then you probably didn't know I was in the hospital from Monday to Thursday last week. Such a pain.
 photo 10530671_251361264987994_4586355916370557819_n_zps1ae2fd66.jpg
This has been the 4th time I have been hospitalized for a small bowel obstructions (TMI, maybe?). Anyway it sucks, it's painful and I am so over it. I hated being away from my family and being stuck inside a hospital that long, on an IV, no food, pain medication didn't work and tons of tests all to be told that I possibly have Crohn's Disease but they don't do the blood test there. I now have an appointment for a gastro doctor later this month so hopefully I will know more. 
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On a positive note this weekend was my sister's Baby Shower! I will make a separate post for that so check back tomorrow.
I also need to post the girls' monthly updates. Such a slacker on that! I even have a 3 year old post separate from Ace's 3 Year Old Interview that I need to post as well. I think once Ace is back in school things will be a bit easier but for the time we have been enjoying summer, minus the hospital visit and just been very busy.


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