Flash Back Post: Embracing the Newborn Stage

For Throw Back Thursday I am reposting this post I did almost exactly 2 years ago about Embracing the Newborn Stage. I feel like we are finally out of the cloud of craziness since having Everly and looking back at being a first time Mom is really humbling. I dedicate this post to my sister who just had her first baby, Valentina! Love you girls! 

Originally posted: 9/20/12
Is it me or does time fly faster the older your baby gets?

I remember those first weeks of late night feedings, nursing marathons and pumping constantly(notice a theme?) and the time was seriously going at a snails pace. My son cried all.the.time and I felt like a 24 hour buffet. I saw pictures of friends babies all cuddly and content in the early weeks and thought my son was never going to stop crying, can we say jealous? It was rough to say the least. I was full of post pregnancy hormones and lacking sleep. I was a hot mess.

Apparently there's a party at my place at 3 a.m. that I am invited to. Awesome.

I thought I was just going to have a sensitive baby that cried just because and that was who he was. I loved my little guy no matter what but felt overwhelmed. I began to accept that this would be our life, crying together and not sleeping. I sometimes look back on those early weeks when it was just us snuggling and think I miss it all, then I look at this picture
and snap back into reality.

Then I see this picture and miss those sweet milk coma moments. You'd think with all the nursing we would have had more of those.

I will say he was cute even when he was screaming though. We tried for this baby for over a year so I was willing to sacrifice my beauty sleep for this angel and would do it all over again. I just can't say I would miss it anymore then I do now.
What were your baby's first few weeks of life like? Tell me I am not alone in this!

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  1. New follower from Mommy Moment's Blog Hop.

    The first few weeks with my oldest were really rough. She was born at 34 weeks and had latching issues. I was recovering from an emergancy c-section, and had spent over a month on strict bedrest.

    This phase will pass and soon you won't even remember it! Good luck momma.


  2. I just had my second son three weeks ago.. and I miss my sleep!!! I won't lie, I've found myself in tears in the middle of the night because I've just been exhausted and he wouldn't sleep. I don't remember being so worn out with my first, but then again I didn't have a crazy two-year old then!! I will say though, when we decided to have a second baby, these are the parts I forgot about =)

    New Follower from the Mommy Moments Hop! Would love for you to visit me at www.laughwithash.blogspot.com

    1. Haha it seems we always forget the hard parts and remember the good, right?

  3. Haha that photo with the crocodile is hilarious! Bet it didn't feel funny at the time though!

    I find waking up for night feeds the worst with our newborn...just want to sleep!

  4. You are totally not alone! My little girl would cry for hours and the only thing we could do was walk around outside or dance with her to calm her down. Now she's one of the happiest little toddlers I know, so things change, don't worry. I was joking with my mom that if we remembered perfectly the first few weeks of life with a baby, we probably wouldn't have any more. It's tough, but you'll survive! Keep it up. :-)

    Stef @ Miss Jo and Co.

    1. Stefani, this was actually awhile ago. He is now a toddler and very happy thankfully. I am surprised he is the same kid as that crying newborn.

  5. Wow! You just described what I was living a month ago. The only difference now, is that he's sleeping through the night.

  6. Came over from the MONDAY MOM BLOG LINK UP
    your not alone at all.


  7. New follower from the blog hop! I couldn't resist checking out your blog due to that photo of your precious screaming baby ;)

    My daughter just turned one, so I've been reflecting recently on her first few weeks of life. They were ANYTHING but fun! S had jaundice, and I had to trek back and forth to the doctor's office three days in a row during her first week. As a first-time mom I was not prepared for the combination of sleepless nights and hormones and just trying to adjust to it all. I think every night of those first two weeks I sat up crying as I nursed S back to sleep. It took her 40 minutes to nurse and I was getting her up every 2 hours to feed due to her jaundice. That doesn't equal much sleep! I practically begged my mom not to leave...and I was terrified of taking S out of the house on my own. I think at about week 6 we finally started to get into a routine and I was feeling better. But those first two weeks...eek. Of course now how I felt during those days seems silly. I do think every new mom has these feelings, so no, you are definitely not alone. Keep your head up, you can do this Mama!

    Kera @ http://nuggetonabudget.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Kera, sounds like exactly what we went through. He is now 15 months and the best toddler but I think 6 weeks is when it got easier for us too. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I'm due in about 8 weeks so I guess I will soon know what my bump's newborn stage will be like. I hope he will be a calm and content baby but that isn't realistic so I need to prepare for the 24 hours of screaming and nursing heh. Thanks for this post :)

    Julie @ velvet-rose.net

  9. I'm actually due in a few days so this will be my reality soon! ;)


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