Everly's First Birthday Plans!

I have been planning Everly's First Birthday party for about a month or two now and I am getting so excited about it.
We are going with a Cinderella theme to tie in Happily Everly After. I have been pinning things like crazy and have already been busy ordering things to make it perfect.
I feel like since this is my last baby's first birthday I want to give her as much of a special birthday as her siblings. Ace had a fun Carnival/Circus theme and Ashlyn's was a Halloween dress up party. I love planning their birthdays but I know the older they get the less I will get to decide on. They will start having their own opinions and ideas of what they want. Ace is already planning his 4th birthday party which apparently will be super hero theme. 
So far for her birthday we have a Cinderella coming to sing songs and tell a story and I ordered tutus, crowns and super hero capes for the kids to dress up in. I figured that was more fun than goodie bags. I also bought princess beach balls for the babies to play with. This is what I did for Ace's party and the babies loved it. I failed on that one for Ashlyn's. 
My best friend is awesome and wants to make Everly's birthday cake! Oh and it will also be a dessert party since it will be at an in between time for eating. Probably not the best idea to do before dinner, sorry everyone!
I still have to figure out decorations but I have lots of ideas! 
I still can't believe in just over a month my last baby will be One Year Old!


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