Spring Break 2015 Part 1

Ace's Spring Break started the day after Everly's First Birthday Party and we decided to head to our house in the Keys for some relaxation and pool fun. 
 photo 1492277_10103758623520181_6557505746359933171_o_zpsauf3isvc.jpg
 photo 11075200_10103758749497721_4195709334057433410_o_zpssxvlig2b.jpg
My best friend Kat came with her girls so Ace was in Heaven having kids to go swimming with. 
This was our first real experience with one of our kids Spring Breaks from school and I think we had quite a successful week. 
 photo 11082415_10103758748824071_3752242921046800801_o_zps3qvndlhn.jpg
We were at the Keys from Monday to Wednesday. The kids basically lived in the pool. Everly wasn't happy about it at first but finally chilled out when I held Ashlyn too. Ashlyn can be her security blanket on things I think. Ashlyn is obsessed with the pool so she had no problem hanging in her float the entire day. And same for Ace.
 photo 671767c5-65ed-47ab-82be-975ca6eae345_zpsciqattxe.jpg  photo 11074196_10103758743529681_1703796096572139263_o_zpsachte5of.jpg  photo 11080306_10103758623340541_3748787056602802941_o_zpszrgy9nd0.jpg photo 10849078_10103758748384951_1925647193127720879_o_zpskf7zqw9s.jpg photo 10818393_10103758748819081_6128267440206675939_o_zpsuy4hf69p.jpg  photo 11083968_10103758634223731_4570644567576285535_o_zpspbh9hwat.jpg  photo 10257475_10103758749852011_198089235138221160_o_zpsqg0krdyo.jpg 


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun on Spring Break! You look great in the pictures with your kids. I thought their outfits were so adorable! You are a great Mom!

  2. what a blast, and the kids are soo cute in their little tutu bathing suits. I love the keys, nice place for a vacation home!


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